HAM-SPIRIT does not allow fraud !!
Take care - this guy plays false !!


Ronald D. Bergantzel, KA0RYT
3037 Highland Blvd
Mound, MN 55364
birth date: 08-22-1958
phone +1-507-828-5226    +1-612-472 5201
      +1-612-598-8519 (new - 2005)
email ka0ryt@aol.com (recently cenceled)

Turns out there's a bit of a list:  Bustedmugshots

He ows me US$ 650.- since march 1998
EA8FF paid US$ 335.- for two preamps and got trash.
I5WBE  paid for 3 preamps and received only two in march 1999
KU4F paid US$ 150.- for a preamp in march 2001 and got non.
UR4LL has lost US$ 100,-

This totals for more than US 1300.- stolen money !!!

2005 - The fraud story goes on:

KC0W, Tom Callas, sold his Lunar Links amplifier to Ron and only
rceived several small partial payments that amount to about $850.

K5QE, Marshall, bought the Lunar Link amplifier for $ 1300 plus $ 100 for
shipping and sent the money October 13, 2004. Ron has given me excuse after
excuse as to why he has not shipped the amp.

G4DCV, Paul
I think I emailed you a few years ago after KA0RYT took money from me but
never delivered the goods. In my case it was a G3SEK Tetrode Board.

I have long written off the money but if I come across Ron in a yahoogroup
or other email reflector I post a message in public about it and challenge
him. Last time was a few months ago when he was again offering something for
sale. It's become a kind of a game for me. I know I won't get the money back
but I take a small amount of pleasure in maybe stopping someone else loosing
out. Ron gets annoyed about me doing this and sent me a pretty rude email
and he did say (again) he would send the Tetrode Board. Of course it has
never arrived. Pigs might fly! 

And he's on Facebook, so you can send him a friend request (I did).