The Test Lab

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The Test Bench 2002   The Test Bench 2004   The Test Bench 2008 

Spectrum Analyzer  HP8563A (9kHz - 26.5GHz) + HP11970U Mixer (40-60GHz)
Noise Figure       EATON 2075-2A (10MHz - 1800MHz  -  with external mixer to 60GHz)
                   + HP 346B (10 MHz - 18GHz) + MSC (1 - 24GHz) + 47GHz/76GHz NS with Isolator
Frequency Counter  HP 5328A (0Hz - 500MHz )
Precision Timebase HP-Z3801A GPS Receiver + EFRATOM MRT-H Rubidium Freq. Standard
Frequency Marker   Adret 5104 + California Microwave "Brick"  -> 24GHz
Synthesizer        PTS 160 (0,1 - 160MHz)
Network Analyzer   Wiltron 560A + Wiltron 6637A
RF Power Meter     HP 438A with HP 8485A (50MHz - 26,5GHz) and HP_Q8486A (33 - 50GHz)
RF Power Meter     HP 435A with HP 8481A (50MHz - 18GHz)
Acessories         Attenuators, Switches, Adapter
Oscilloscope       HAMEG HM705-2 / HM205-3
AC/DC Voltage      Multimeter + HV Probe to 40KV + HP 428B
Power Supplies     24V and 48V Power Supplies
TWT Test Lab       Siemens DL120 PSU Dummy Load